Our Objectives
THE SAVE UCL CAMPAIGN is a freestanding coalition of students, staff and stakeholders concerned about the proposed merger of University College London with Imperial College. The motivation we all share is concern that the present headlong rush for a shotgun marriage, without proper time for consultation and consideration, could prefigure a disaster, not only for UCL and Imperial, but for university education in the UK as a whole.
Not all of us are against a merger in principle: but all of us believe that the generalities advanced so far in favour fall far short of a convincing argument. Many of us fear that financial or political expediences are greater motivations for these proposals than academic excellence, and that the success, traditions and ethos of UCL would be too high a price to pay for a grandiose and risky experiment.

The Save UCL Campaign intends to assist a broad alliance, within and beyond UCL, which will compel a thorough consideration and consultation of all aspects of the proposed merger, so that the resulting outcome will be the best for UCL and for university education in this country.

Our immediate objectives include:

to promote wide public awareness of the implications of the merger proposals, not only for UCL and Imperial, but for university education in this country
to seek support for such promotion from all those who have an interest in defending the ethos and reputation of UCL, including students, staff both academic and non-academic, alumni, other academic institutions, national and local government, and the media
to support all responsible initiatives to prevent the merger proceeding on the present time-table

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