Andrew's birth and Margaret's recovery

Some pictures of the amazing saga of the birth of our son
Only picture of Margaret obviously pregnant. At Plumber Manor Dorset, October 28th 1984 Andrew in utero (ultrasound image) Andrew on day of birth, 24 December 1984. Born by Caesarian while mother still barely conscious a week after 5 hours of neurosurgery. 1.4 kg. Card made by nurses in Special Care Baby Unit at UCH. Cover of the card Christmas day was spent at hospital. The spirit was magical,
Andrew at 9 days (Jan 2nd 1985) with feeding tube DC holds Andrew January 2nd 1985 (9 days) Margaret with her mother. Maida Vale Hospital. shortly after birth of Andrew Margaret with Andrew Boddy, 6 January 1985, at Maida Vale.  Out of intensive care and rather hyperactive. Margaret with nurse at Maida Vale, out of bed, 10 January 1985 Out of bed, 12 January 1985. Still very confused.
Margaret moved from Maida Vale to UCH on 18 January, 1985, and met Andrew for the first time.  She was very confused at first, and kept asking where 'Benjy' was (Benjy was the name we'd used for the baby while she was pregant) Meet again, January 20th 1985. Andrew now four weeks old. Margaret now helps with feeds on her visits to Special Care Baby Unit (I'd take her in wheelchair from her ward). First visit home for Margaret was on 10 February, 1985 First visit home for Margaret was on 10 February, 1985 Trip home on February 10th. Hendersons came, for cake and crumpets.
Cake for Margaret's first visit home, 19 February 1985 On the ward at UCH, 13 February, 2008 At the Special Care Baby Unit at UCH, 14 February, 2008 On February 19th 1985. Andrew was discharged from baby Unit, and Margaret moved from UCH to Middlesex Hospital where Andrew could be with her. They had a side room on a neurosurgical ward (Queen Mary) Margaret in the Middlesex Hospital garden, with nurse Clare, 26 February 1985 6 March 1985.  DC and Bert Sakmann, at home alone, eating dinner and drinking pink champagne at 11 pm after the 57-page 1985 paper was finished.
Andrew's first weekend at hoem. 9 -10 March 1985 Andrew visits local greengrocer on first weekend at home, 9th March 1985 Bert Sakmann visits Middlesex Hospital, 12th March, 1985 The Times, 23 March 1985.  It was an eventful year. Both discharged. The final homecoming was on 27 April 1985, after 4 months in hospital Some familiar friends to help in the welcome home.
Andrew laughs a lot by June 2nd Margaret. Andrew and Margaret's carer Anna. Margaret was still confused and had liitle short-term memory. Still smiling at end of June 1985 Starting on baby rice, July 1985 Andrew with Margaret's mother, Joyce, and her dog. July 1985 Andrew with DC's mother and father. August 1985
On holiday in Yorkshire Dales, August 1985 (Bacon Cottage, Hellifield) Appleby station, Dales, August 1985 December 1985. Four teeth now. Visiting Bernard Ginsborg in Edinburgh, December 1985 Visiting Bernard Ginsborg in Edinburgh, December 1985 Bath fun at home. December 1985
Andrew's first birthday, december 24th 1985 February 1986, more snow Peek-a-boo. Spring 1986 Margaret back to piano (with helper). Spring 1986. Her piano-playing was hardly affected by the trauma. Andrew with the neurosurgeon, Alan Crockard, showing his gratitude, 27 March 1986 Andrew with the neurosurgeon, Alan Crockard, 27 March 1986
Andrew gardening, May 1986 Visit from Sakmanns June 1986 Andrew starts to walk -at 20 months More peek-a-boo Sofa-diving. Favourite game December 1986 (almost 3) Holiday in Carpentras, age 3
Holiday in Carpentras, age 3 Shopping in Carpentras Andrew at Burhill School, age 5. At model train exhibitiom, Woking, age 4.(now he works for Network Rail) Heidelberg 1990-91. First day at school (Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg) Age 5 Heidelberg 1990-91. Age 6. strolling down Berliner Strasse
Heidelberg 1990-91. GulaschSuppe at top of Heiligenberg Heidelberg 1990-91.Old High Streer.  Age 6 Violin phase age 10 (it didn't last). Margaret's piano-playing and French were unaffected. But she still has residual short term memory problem. And previously good map reading skills now gone. Young MCC vs Esher 17 April 2004 Andrew on the scoreboard at Lords cricket ground 4 May 2005 Happy ending. Andrew, now 6 ft 7" (200.5 cm) on tour in Bangladesh with Young MCC, 2005
Happy endiing, Margaret and her mother at Andrew's graduation from Aberdeen, 2011 February 21 2015. Andrew is now 30 and today he married Natalie Thompson