Walking across the Alps 2001

My 65th birthday present
The whole walk. part of Europäische Fernwanderweg E5  Height profile for Fernwanderweg E5  Another summary of E5  Oberstdorf (Christlessee) to Holzgau,  1100m ascent (3609 feet) to Kemptner Hütte  19 August 2001  Oberstforf (Ger) to Holzzgau via Kemptner Hütte (Aus). 09.20  Oberstdorf - Kemptner Hütte map 
Oberstdorf - Kemptner Hütte Google Earth  On way to Kemptner Hütte, 19 August 2001 09.37  On the way to Kemptner Hütte 10.53  Bits of path to Kemptner Hütte were quite tricky  Approaching Kemptner Hütte 12.33  Lunch at Kemptner Hütte 
After lunch carry on to Holzgau, for the night.  Panorama between Kemptner Hütte and Holzgau, 14.16  Border between Germany and Austria 14.40  The border between Germany & Austria 14.40  Past the border 19 August 2001  From Kemptner Hütte to Holzgau, 15.37 
19 August 16.01  Holzgau. for the night  20 August 2001, Up to Memminger Hütte (next day to Zams).  Climb 800 m (2625 feet) from Parkplatz (1449 m) to hut (2242 m).  20 August 2001. Start of climb to Memminger Hütte in rain  Climb to Memminger Hütte 20 Aug 2001 Raining the whole way up.  Approaching Memminger Hütte in rain 11.44 
Eintopf and Kasierschmarren at Meminger Hütte 20 August 2001  View from Memminger Hutte, 16.35 20 Aug 2001  21 August 2001: hardest day. Climb from Memminger Hütte to Seascharte 357 m up, 1800 m down (1171 feet up, 5906 feet= 1.12 miles down) 07.24  07.24, Memminger Hütte below  21 August 2001, approaching Seescharte over scree 08.20  21 Aug 2001, 08.20. Approaching Seescharte over scree. Had to dodge rocks displaced by walkers ahead. (Memminger Hutte below) 
Approaching Seescharte  Climb to Seescharte 08.26  Approach to Seescharte  Approach to Seescharte  Top of Seescharte (web)  Crossed Seescharte 
Descent from Seescharte to Patroltal, the valley visible below. Walk alongside Lochbach  Oberlochalm, near beginning of Patroltal  Stop at Oberlochalm. at start of Patroltal. Milk cooled by running water in the trough. 11.20  Patroltal Very isolated. Idyllic path near Lochbach. Meadows, cows & trees  Patroltal : 2011 - Alpenüberquerung  Patroltal meadows, cows & trees 
Patroltal.  At end of Patroltal, gets harder. Aerial view of Zammerloch (path along edge)  Zammerloch path  Zammerloch path  Zammerloch path  Looking down on Zams from end of Zammerloch path. Long climb down cliff 
View from Zams, Just come down that cliff  from Zams (labelled)  22 August 2001 View over Zams from top of Venetbahn (780m - 2200m). E5 (lower route) most of the way to Gogles Alm, and back. 12.07  24 August 2001 Left Zwieselstein (1450 m) at 0810. for Timmelsjoch, 2500 m, ascent of 1060 m (3478 feet). 09.49  Crossing Timmelsbach. 10.00  Timmelsbach. 10.05 
Across Timmelsbach 10.04  Approaching Timmelsjoch 12.02  Approaching Timmelsjoch 12.31  Lunch at Timmelsjoch. Border between Austria & Italy. Excellent Gebratenes Schinken mit Spiegeleiern, but too many bikers 13.00  Lunch at Timmelsjoch. Border between Austria & Italy. 2500 m, ascent of 1060 m (3478 feet).  August 24 Descent into Italy 14.10 
Down from Timmelsjoch 14.38  Approaching Corvara/Rabenstein, 1400m. 16.15  Arrived Corvara/Rabenstein (1400 m) about 1700. Small village, marching band.  Saturday 25 August 2001. 09.11 Leave Corvara/Rabenstein about 0900, still on E5 to Stulles, downhill to Moos (1000 m).  Saturday 25 August 1216 Looking back to Moos in Passiria  Man woth scythe and basket on climb to Stulles (1332 m) Last km on road. Very hot indeed. 12.41 
Sunday 26 August Leave Stulles 0735 to avoid heat. Follow E5 down to San Leonardo in Passiria, 0900,  San Leonardo in Passiria (river runs under town square). 10.00  26 August 2001 San Martino in Passiria. Lunch at Pfeiffertal Hof (curds with cream clotted on surface + jam, tomatoes + mozzarella, apfel strudel).  Monday 27 August 2001, 08.21 Told it was  wise not to attempt HirzerHütte- Punta Cervina in this heat  On way to Merano, 27 Aug 2001 08.42 After diversion to Sixen, took FliegenStrecke / Zona Mosca.  Got to Saltaus/Saltusio 1100  Maiser Waalweg -nice mountain path in shade of trees almost whole way to Merano: still very hot. "Waalweg" run alongside irrigation ditches. 12.50 
Mission accomplished.  Sunset over Merano 27 August 2001, 20.10