Krakow 2014

A visit to Krakow, for the Neuronus meeting
Market square from Cafe Europejska. First day: interviewed by Gazeta Wyborcza Market square from Cafe Europejska Cloth house, on east side of Market square Market square from Cafe Europejska
Szarlotka at Cafe Europejska, 24 April 2014 Collegium Maius: oldest part of Jagiellonian university (founded 1364 by Casimir III the Great in Kazimierz). Collegium Maius (for picture for Gazeta Wyborcza) Collegium Maius
Collegium Maius clock.( Movie at ) Market square, looking south Roof in Market square Roof in Market square
Roof in Market square Dom Profesorski, Pigoniówka, Ulice Garbarska 7a Dom Profesorski Breakfast in Dom Profersorski
Dom Profesorski Dom Profesorski Dom Profesorski Planty garden (surrounding old town)
Lunch at Cafe Europajska again, 25 April 2014, before opening talk Opening talk at Neuronus. Ion channel kinetics. Then  2nd talk on irreproducubility of science.  Auditorium Maximum Dinner 25 April Plac Szczepanski
Plac Szczepanski 27 April Plac Szczepanski Plac Szczepanski: Music conservatorium Plac Szczepanski
Building opposite Auditorium Maximum, at ulice Krupnicza 33 Statue in Market square cafe Buggy for tour on 26 April Synagogue (on tour)
Market, Kazimierz Old city wall (on tour) The Battery (on tour) The Battery (on tour)
Teatr Krakow (on tour) Teatr Krakow (on tour) Pudding, Restaurant Hawelak, 27 April, 2014