This site has been left exactly as it appeared on 18th November 2002, as a historical record of a brief but turbulent episode in the life of UCL. (David Colquhoun, webmaster)

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Announcement 18 November 2002, on UCL's web site
UCL and Imperial College have now completed an intense period of deliberation since it was first announced that the two Colleges were exploring the desirability and feasibility of merger between the two institutions. A number of areas for future collaboration have been identified, but the overall conclusion is that the best interests of the two institutions are not served by a formal merger. UCL is now recommencing its search for a new Provost from October 2003. Once in post the new Provost and the Rector of Imperial College may well continue discussions on developing the opportunities for collaboration identified in the last five weeks.
The news was first broken by Donald MacLeod in the Guardian: click here, and here

We thank the 24 distinguished signatories, the 119 senior staff and 362 other staff and students whose support brought about the survival of UCL, as well as the 7480 visitors (and 16243 hits) that this site has had in 22 days. The list was closed on 18th November 2002, apart from the late addition to the list of distinguished signatories of Jonathan Dimbleby, Bel Mooney and Sir Denis Rooke OM CBE FRS FREng.

Postscript: some press comments after the event

Lessons of a failed merger, (Matthew Lynn, Bloomberg News, 20-Nov-02) "Unfortunately for Sykes, the professors of Imperial and University College London were smarter than the last recipients of his strategic wisdom, the shareholders in the formerly independent drug companies Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham. ": [get the pdf]

The biggest universities in the world are clearly not the best. So why do some British universities think that mergers will make them world class? (John Kay, 21-Nov-02 Financial Times) " The same empty phrases that were used in the 1990s to justify corporate mergers are today used to justify university mergers - the aspiration to be a "global player", the need to achieve "critical mass". But greater size is always the aspiration of those with no better strategic vision."

The proposed 'merger' of UCL and Imperial College

The end of 175 years of a Benthamite multi-faculty university?

No! -the start of the next 175 years of progress.

"The Stanford/UCSF merger experience, which ended in ignominious failure and an enormous debt, stands as a stark warning of blithely merging two distinct academic cultures, particularly when they are not geographically co-localized."
Phyllis Gardner MD (Stanford University)(signatory)

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Summary of the arguments

ˇ Merger would mean that the UK would lose a University that has all departments on one site

ˇ Choice and diversity would be reduced: two different institutions would be replaced by one.

ˇ Separation of departments would harm multi-disciplinary research

ˇ Some of the most creative people may not be attracted to work in an enormous corporate university on two widely separated sites.

ˇ The best US universities are not of the enormous size that would result from merger

ˇ The loss of alumni loyalty (and bequests) could take a generation to repair.

Click here for the full text, the Gower Street Manifesto

This web site is issued by the Committee for UCL


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All correpondence to please.

Philippe Ascher (Professor of Neurobiology, Université Denis Diderot, and lately at École Normale Supérieure. Membre correspondant Académie des Sciences)

Wilfred Beckerman, (Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. Lately Professor of Political Economy and Head of the Department of Political Economy, now Economics, at UCL)

Geoffrey Bindman (Senior Partner, Bindman and Partners Solicitors, and visiting professor in Law Department, UCL)

Sir James Black FRS, OM (James Black Foundation, KCL, ex HoD UCL, Nobel Prize 1988)

Professor Ken Binmore CBE FBA (Lately Professor of Economics, UCL)

Professor David C. Clary FRS (Head of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Oxford; Professor of Chemistry at UCL 1996-2002)

Dr Michael Cross (Chairman, Polymer Awarding Body Ltd since 2000; Member, Advisory Board, Bloomsbury Bioseed Fund Ltd, since 1999; Director of Group of Companies specialising in contract packing, since 1987. Fellow of UCL)

Jonathan Dimbleby (Broadcaster, Journalist, President of the Soil Association, Fellow of UCL)

Robert S. Eisenberg (Bard Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology, Rush Medical Center, Chicago, IL; PhD at UCL with Paul Fatt) (read comment)

Phyllis Gardner (MD, Harvard) (Professor at Stanford Medical School, and former Senior Associate Dean, lately Vice President for Research and Head of ALZA Technology Institute (ATI). On the Board of Directors of Aerogen, Inc., BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc., Health Hero Network, Inc., iMEDD, and CambriaTech. Co-founder and Director of Xeragen, Inc., and of Genomics Collaborative, Inc., Postdoc at UCL) (read comment)

W.T. Gowers FRS (Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, Reader in Mathematics at UCL, 1990-1996, Fields Medallist, 1998)

Sir Andrew Huxley, FRS OM (ex Jodrell Professor of Physiology UCL, Nobel prize 1963)

Dan Jacobson (Author and critic, Professor of English UCL, 1986-1994) (read comment)

Denise Lievesley (Professor, Director of Statistics at UNESCO, Past president, Royal Statistical Society, Fellow of UCL) (read comment)

Sir Gavin Lightman Q.C. (Judge; Fellow of UCL)

David Lodge CBE (Novelist and critic. Emeritus Professor University of Birmingham, Hon Fellow UCL)

Sir Jonathan Miller (Physician, Author, Director and broadcaster)

Bel Mooney (Author, Fellow of UCL)

Denis Noble CBE, FRS, Hon FRCP (Burdon-Sanderson Professor of Physiology, University of Oxford, Fellow of UCL) (read comment)

Humphrey Peter Rang FRS (lately Director, Novartis Institute for Medical Research, and Head of Pharmacology Department , UCL. Fellow of UCL)

J. Murdoch Ritchie FRS (Eugene Higgins Professor of Pharmacology, Yale University. Fellow of UCL)

Sir Denis Rooke OM CBE FRS FREng (Chancellor of Loughborough University, Fellow of UCL)

K. L. Roth FRS (Professor and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, UCL and sometime Professor of Mathematics at  Imperial and Reader in Mathematics at UCL, Fields Medallist, 1958)

Bert Sakmann (For FRS, Nobel prize, 1991, ex UCL, Max Planck Institute Heidelberg)

and the following senior staff of UCL (over 100 full professors and growing daily)

Bas Aarts (Reader in Modern English Language and Director, Survey of English Usage, UCL)

John Adams (Professor, Geography Department, UCL)

Edgar Anderson (Professor of Organic Chemistry, UCL)

Jonathan Ashmore FRS (Bernard Katz Professor of Biophysics, UCL)

Eric Barendt (Goodman Professor of Media Law, Faculty of Laws, UCL)

Mitchell Berger (Professor of Mathematics, UCL)

David Bindman (Durning-Lawrence Professor of the History of Art, UCL)

David Bogle (Professor of Chemical Engineering, UCL)

Stephen Bolsover (Professor of Cell Physiology, UCL)

Hugh Bostock FRS (Institute of Neurology, UCL)

David Brown FRS (Astor Professor of Pharmacology, UCL)

Eric H Brown (Professor Geography, Dean of Students,1950-1984, UCL)

Jacquie Burgess (Professor, Environment and Society Research Unit, Geography, UCL)

Kathleen Burk (Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, UCL)

Philip Burnham (Professor of Anthropology, UCL)

Geoffrey Burnstock FRS (Director, Autonomic Neuroscience Unit, UCL)

Brian Butterworth FBA (Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Psychology, UCL)

Benjamin Chain (Professor, Department of Immunology & Molecular Pathology, UCL)

John Clark (Professor and Chairman of the Miriam

Marks Division of Neurochemistry, Institute of Neurology, UCL)

John Callomon (Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, UCL)

Shamshad Cockcroft (Professor of Cell Physiology, UCL)

David Colquhoun FRS (A.J. Clark Professor of Pharmacology)

Michael Craggs (Professor of Applied Neurophysiology, Institute of Urology & Nephrology, UCL, and Director of Spinal Research, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex.)

Michael Crawford FBA (Professor of History, UCL)

James Croll, FREng (Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering and HoD. UCL)

H Valerie Curran (Professor of Psychopharmacology, Dept. of Psychology, UCL)

Alwyn George Davies, FRS (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Fellow of UCL)

Stephen W Davies (Professor of Molecular Neuropathology, Department of Anatony and Developmental Biology, UCL)

Philip Dawid (Pearson Professor of Statistics, UCL)

Anthony Deeming (Professor of Chemistry and Undergraduate Tutor, UCL)

Joy Delhanty (Professor of Human Genetics, UCL)

Anthony H. Dickenson (Professor of Neuropharmacology, Pharmacology Dept, UCL)

Michael Duchen (Professor, Physiology, UCL)

Peter Dunnill, FREng, OBE (Professor, Biochemical Engineering, Chairman, The Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering , UCL).

Peter Josef Ell, FMedSci (Professor and Head of Department in the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCL)

Lewis Elton (Professor of Higher Education, UCL)

John Foreman (Professor of Immunopharmacology and Dean of Students, UCL)

Adrian Fourcin (Professor of Experimental Phonetics, Phonetics and Linguistics, UCL)

Michael Freeman (Barrister and Professor of English Law, UCL)

Mary Fulbrook (Professor of German History and Head of German Department, UCL)

Mark Gardiner (Professor and Joint Head of Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, UCL)

Tony Gardner-Medwin (Professor, Department of Physiology, UCL)

Mark Geller (Jewish Chronicle Professor, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, UCL)

Mitchell Glickstein (Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience, Anatomy & Developmental Biology, UCL)

Tony Grass (Professor, Fluid Mechanics, Civil and Environmental Engineering UCL)

Hugh Gurling (Professor of Molecular Psychiatry, Hon. Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden and Islington Mental Health NHS Trust, and Molecular Psychiatry Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Windeyer Institute for Medical Sciences, UCL)

John Haight (Mathematics, UCL)

Karl Hale (Professor of Chemistry, UCL)

Carolyn Harrison (Professor of Geography, UCL)

Philip Horne (Professor of English, UCL)

Geoffrey Hosking (Leverhulme Research Professor in Russian History ,School of Slavonic & East European Studies, UCL)

Richard Howarth (Hon. Professor in Mathematical Geology, Earth Sciences, UCL)

Steve Hunt (Professor of Molecular Neuroscience, Anatomy & Developmental Biology, UCL)

David Isenberg (ARC Diamond Jubilee Professor of Rheumatology, UCL)

John.E. Jayne (Professor of Mathematics, UCL)

Donald H. Jenkinson, (Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, UCL)

Francis E A Johnson (Professor, Mathematics, UCL)

Steve Jones (Professor of Genetics, UCL)

David Jordan (Professor, Physiology, UCL)

Daniel Karlin (Professor of English, UCL)

David Larman (Professor and Head of Department, Mathematics, UCL)

Murray Last (Professor of Social Anthropology, UCL)

John Lindon (Professor of Italian Studies, UCL)

Adrian Lister (Professor of Paleobiology, Biology Dept, UCL)

Roland Littlewood (Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry, UCL)

Robert Lumley (Professor of Italian Cultural History, Dept of Italian, UCL)

Raymond D. Lund FRS (University of Utah Health Science Center, formerly Duke Elder Professor of Ophthalmology at Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL)

Jim Mallet (Professor of Biological Diversity, Department of Biology, UCL)

James Malone-Lee (Professor, Whittington Hospital, UCL)

Linda McDowell (Professor of Geography, UCL)

Gerald Manners (Emeritus Professor of Geography, UCL)

Michael Martin (Professor of Philosophy, UCL)

Bill McGuire (Benfield Greig Professor of Geohazards and Director, Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre, Dept. of Earth Sciences, UCL)

Peter McMullen (Professor of Mathematics, UCL)

Daniel Miller (Professor of Anthropology, UCL)

Ursula Mittwoch (Emeritus Professor of Genetics, Department of Biology, UCL)

Jan-Peter Muller (Professor of Image Understanding and Remote Sensing, Geomatic Engineering, UCL)

Vivian Nutton (Professor of the History of Medicine, The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL)

Jim Owen, Professor of Molecular Medicine, Department of Medicine (Centre of Hepatology, RFC)

Ivan P. Parkin (Professor, Department of Chemistry, UCL)

Mark Pepys FRS (Professor of Medicine and Head, Department of Medicine, Royal Free Campus, UCL)

John P. Platt, (Professor and`Head of Department, Department of Earth Sciences, UCL)

Kevin T. Pickering (Professor in Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, Department of Earth Sciences, UCL)

Andrew Pomiankowski (Professor, Biology, UCL)

Sue Povey (Professor of Human Genetics, Dept of Biology, UCL)

Edwin A Power (Emeritus Professor. Mathematics. Professor and Head of Department, UCL)

David Price (Professor of Mineral Physics, UCL)

Professor S.L. (Sally) Price (Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, UCL)

Niall Quinn (Professor of Clinical Neurology, Institute of Neurology, UCL)

Thomas W Rademacher (Professor of Molecular Medicine, Head Molecular Medicine Unit, Dept. of Immunology and Molecular Pathology, UCL)

Pete Rawson (Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, UCL)

Osmund Reynolds CBE FRS (Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, UCL)

Brian P. Roberts (Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, UCL)

Graham Rook (Professor of Immunology, Centre for Infectious Diseases and International Health, Medical Microbiology, UCL)

Gary S. Rubin (Helen Keller Professor of Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL)

John Salt (Professor of Geography, Migration Research Unit, UCL)

Reinier Salverda (Professor of Dutch Language and Literature, UCL)

Francesco Scaravilli (Professor, Institute of Neurology, UCL)

R. W. Sharples (Professor of Classics, Dept of Latin and Greek, UCL)

Elizabeth Shephard (Professor of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCL)

Peter Shepherd (Professor of Signal Transduction, Biochemistry, UCL)

Mervyn Singer (Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, Dept of Medicine & Wolfson Institute, UCL)

Philip Steadman (Professor of Urban and Built Form Studies, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)

Peter Storey (Professor, Physics and Astronomy, UCL)

Stephan Strobel, (Professor and Vice Dean Education and Training & Consultant Immunologist, Immunobiology Unit, Institute of Child Health & Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust)

John Sutherland (Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature, UCL)

Dallas Swallow Professor of Human Genetics, Biology dept, UCL)

Peter Swann (Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCL)

Andrew Todd-Pokropek (Professor of Medical Physics, HoD, UCL)

Nick Tyler (Professor, Centre for Transport Studies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCL)

Gerta Vrbova, (Emeritus Professorof Developmental Neuroscience (Dept. of Anatomy and Dev.Biol., UCL)

M.G.F.Wilson (Emeritus Professor,Electronic & Electrical Engineering, UCL)

Bryan Winchester (Professor and Head of Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Metabolism Unit, Institute of Child Health at Great Ormond Street Hospital, UCL).

Robin M Winter (Professor, Clinical and Molecular Genetics, Institute of Child Health, UCL)

Lewis Wolpert CBE ,FRS (Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, Anatomy & Developmental Biology, UCL)

John Wood (Professor, Molecular Nociception Group, Biology Dept., UCL)

Jonathan Wolff (Professor of Philosophy and Head of Department, UCL)

Ziheng Yang (Professor of Statistical Genetics, Department of Biology, UCL)

John Yates FREng (Ramsay Memorial Professor of Chemical Engineering, UCL)

Semir Zeki FRS (Professor, Anatomy and Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL)

Supported by

Dr Michael Abraham Chemistry ; Dr Euelyn Abberton Phonetics and Linguistics ; Olubukonla Adegbeyeni Environmental Design and Engineering ; Dr Daniel Alexander Computer Science ; Dr Dario Alfe` Earth Sciences & Physics and Astronomy ; Dr. Nick Allott Phonetics and Linguistics ; Jamil Ahmed student, Physiology & Pharmacology, 1996 ; Trish Almof Electrical and Electronic Engineering ; Mark Amoyel Anatomy and Developmental Biology ; Dr Tim Arnett Anatomy and Dev. Biology ; Dr Chankya Arya Civil and Environmental Engineering ; George Azariah-Moreno Development Planning Office ; Dr Simon Baker History of Art ; Ian Bailey Earth Sciences ; Dr Duncan Bain Institute of Orthopaedics ; Janet Baker Earth Sciences ; Professor Emeritus Barbara Banks Physiological Chemistry ; Dr Kathy Barrett Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ; Tina Bashford Pharmacology ; Richard Bassett Civil and Environmental Engineering ; Dr Marco Beato Pharmacology ; Liz Beech Neurochemistry Dept ; Dr. Simon Beggs ICH ; Dr Geoff Bellingan Medicine ; Dr David Bender, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Sub-Dean (Teaching) Royal Free and University College Medical School ; Douda Bensasson Genetics ; Dr. David Benton Pharmacology ; Dr Lynn Bindman Department of Physiology ; Dr Stephanie Bird German ; Dr Kasia Boddy English ; Vasiliki Bountouri SLAIS ; Dr Martin Bowen ex Political Economy ; Robert Bowles Mathematics ; Dr J. H. 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Computer Science+ ; Dr Jeremy Cook Anatomy & Developmental Biology ; Dr. Sebastian Coxon German ; Dr. Ian Crawford Physics and Astronomy ; Dr. Brenda Cross( Sub-Dean and Faculty Tutor - Medical School- Physiologist) ; Sian Cummins History ; Jo Dale Centre for Bioethics and Philosophy ; Ruth Dar UCL Library ; Rebecca Dalton, Registry, Imperial College ; Dr Gregory Dart English Literature ; Ina Dau Statistical Science ; Dr Anna David Obstetrics and Gynaecology ; Dr Gail Davies Geography ; Dr Jason Davies History of Medicine ; Dr D. G. 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Institute of Ophthalmology ; Dr Jake Joacobson Physiology ; Abigail Jones Biology ; Dr Adrian P Jones (RL Hayman Reader In Petrology, Department of Earth Sciences) ; Dr Peter Jones Geography ; Sue Jones German ; Mark Kalderon Philosophy ; De Nik Kaltsoyannis Chemistry ; Farhana Kapasi Clinical and Molecular Genetics ; Rachel Kelly Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology ; Umar Khan Computer Science ; Dr. Peter Kirkwood IoN, Motor Neuroscience ; Dr James Kneale Geography ; Dr Sarah Knight Institute if Urology and Nephrology ; Graham Knight Computer Science ; Dr Dilwyn Knox Italian Department ; Sam Kuper, Science and Technology Studies ; Dr Barrie Lancaster Pharmacology ; Tony Langford Pharmacology ; Dr. Remi Lape Pharmacology ; Dr Mark Larman Anatomy & Developmental Biology ; Thomas Law, Medical student (MBBS), Year 3 (1st year clinical). RFC ; Dawn Le Anthropology ; Dr Andy Leak French ; Dr Frances Lefford Dept of Primary Care ; Dr Barry Leventhal Head of Analysis and Modelling NCR Limited ; Dr Tim Levine, Lecturer Institute of Ophthalmology ; Jack Levy IS ; Dr Dewi W Lewis, Chemistry ; Katherine Lewis Library Services ; Dr Alison Light English ; Margot Lindsay SLAIS ; Simon Lock Science and Technology Studies ; Frank Lores-Penalver Language Centre ; Dr Celine Loscos Computer Science ; Sally Lynch IS ; Dr Ruth Mace Anthropology ; Dr Marian Malone ICH ; Julie Mancini ; Sivasegaram Manimaaran Alumnus (IC) ; Troy Manning Chemistry ; Dr Philippe Marliere French ; Nicola Marlow Earth Sciences ; Lynne Manson ICH ; Dr Jann Matlock Department of French ; Dr Nicholas Maxwell Science and Technology ; Anna McGuire ; Michael Meadows Geography ; Judy Medrington Institute of Archaeology ; Dr Monica Mendelssohn Earth Sciences ; Kathryn Metzenthin Administrator, English ; Robert Michael College Admissions Office ; George Michaelson Computer Science ; Dr John Milsom Department of Earth Sciences ; Dr Susan Michie Psychology ; Tracy Moffat Physics and Astronomy ; Zahra Mohri Department of Medicine, Royal Free Campus ; Dr Alan Monaghan Pharmacology ; Stephen Montgomery ; Jeremy Morley Geomatic Engineering ; Dr Guy Moss Pharmacology ; Dr Vivek Mudera Institute of Orthopaedics ; Dr Robert Muid Pharmacology ; Dr Veronique Mundoz-Darde Philosophy ; Dr Shanthi Muttukrishna Obstetrics and Gynaecology ; Matilde Nardelli Italian ; Dr Gerald Nelson English Language and Literature ; Stuart Nightingale Media Resourses ; Dr Ray Noble Graduate Tutor, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Sub Dean (RFUCLMS), Senior Lecturer in Physiology ; Richard North English ; David Norton alumnus of UCL [ Department of German 1967-1971] ; Elizabeth Oglesby Anatomy & Developmental Biology ; Ian Oram Estates and Facilities ; Dr Chrystalla Orpanides Anatomy and Developmental Biology ; Dan Ozarow Modern European Studies ; Dr Sally Page Physiology ; George Paizis French ; Padmasayee Papineni Clinical Sciences ; Marie Parker Civil and Environmental Engineering ; Dr Tessa Parsons Dept of Paediatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics Institute of Child Health ; Gayle Passmore Pharmacology ; Jalpa Patel Chemistry ; Shernayne Patel Geological Sciences ; Dr Anna Patrikidou Biology ; Jon Pendleton Mathematics ; Julian Perfect Chemical Engineering ; Tamsin Piper Pharmacology ; Dr Ellen Platzman Earth Sciences ; Emma Potts Examinations Section, Registry ; Robert Purdy Human Sciences ; Stephan Price, MSc student, Geography ; Dr Sabena Qureshi Medicine ; Ede Rancz Physiology ; Dr Sara Randall Anthropology ; Nicholas Rau Economics ; Nazneen Razwi History ; Wendy Riley, Education and Professional Development ; Dr Mark Roberts Mathematics, Departmental tutor ; Dr Matthew Robinson Greek and Latin ; Dr Martin Rosendaal Anatomy & Developmental Biology ; Dr. Patricia Rothman Mathematics ; Sheila Rust Department of Scandinavian Studies ; Dr. Nader Saffari, Mechanical Engineering, Lecturer ; Trea Saint Physics and Astronomy ; Kevin Saint, Geomatic Engineering ; Trea Saint, Physics and Astronomy ; Muhammad Saleem Civil and Environmental Engineering ; Adam Salisbury, UCL Language Centre ; Dr Jane Samuel Medicine ; Dr Glenis Scadding Immunology RFC ; Carolyn Schofield Greek and Latin ; Dr. Stephanie Schorge Pharmacology ; Dr John Scholes Anatomy & Developmental Biology ; Kim Scrivener Head of Quality Unit (Former member of UCL staff) ; Dr Andrea Sella Inorganic Chemistry ; Ian Senior (Economics 1974, and lately chair of UCL Alumni Association London Group) ; Dr Shahida Shafi Medicine ; Evgeniy Shapiro Mathematics ; Dr Barrie Sharpe Anthropology ; Hannah Shotton Anatomy and Developmental Biology ; Dr Ruth Siddall Earth Sciences ; Dr Talvinder Sihra Pharmacology ; Dr Bill Sillar Archaeology ; Paul Simons ; Dr Lucia Sivilotti, Pharmacology ; Jan Smith Electronic and Electrical Engineering ; Dr Christian Specht Pharmacology ; Dr. Clare Stanford Pharmacology ; Dr Martin Stocker Pharmacology ; Dr Fiona Strawbridge Information Systems ; Dr Alastair Sutcliffe RF Medical School ; Dr Peter Swaab English ; Dr Jeremy Tanner Institute of Archaeology ; Dr Tilli Tansey, Historian of Modern Medical Science, Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL ; Dr Peter Tatham Physiology ; Dr Richard Taylor Geography ; Dr Chris Taylorson Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ; Clare Thomas Examinations Section ; Dr Julian Thompson Geography ; Dr Juergen Thurow Earth Sciences ; Dr Pamela Thurschwell English ; Dr Sergei Timoshin Mathematics ; Dr. D.A. Tocher Chemistry ; Ian Todd Anatomy ; Martin Todd Geography ; Dr Christopher Tomlinson Economics ; Caroline Tonson-Rye, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine ; Dr Irina Tsaneva Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ; Merrin Tulloch, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, student 1999-2002 ; Colin Turnbull Bartlett School of Planning ; Dr John Twigg, Earth Sciences ; Oliver Usher Science and Technology Studies ; Dr Martin Utley Mathematics ; Ioana Vais Pharmacology ; Dr. Hans Van de Koot Phonetics and LInguistics ; Dr. Tanja van Mourik, Chemistry Department ; Dr Ann Varley Geography ; Dr Ludunka Vocadlo Earth Sciences ; Graham Wagner Engineering ; Dr Paul Walker ; Sean Wallis Survey of English Usage ; Dr. Nicolas Wanaverbecq IoN ; Dr John Ward Biotechnology and Molecular Biology ; Jeremy Warner ex History ; Dr Claire Warwick SLAIS ; Dr Andrew Wear WT Centre for History of Medicine, Anatomy ; Dr Marie Wells Scandinavian Studies ; Dr David West Visual Science ; Adam White History ; Emily White SLAIS ; Hugh White Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ; Dr Geoff Williams Phonetics and Linguistics ; Tom Willis Anatomy ; Valerie Wilson Dept. of Surgery, RFC ; Dr. Jonathan Wolfe Biology ; Charlie Wood, Student, Geology, Earth Sciences, ; Dr Ian Wood Department of Earth Sciences ; Luke Wooller Geological Sciences ; Jack Wratten Pharmacology ; Dr D. Wujastyk Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine ; Sha-En Yeo Psychology ; Dr Alan Young Bartlett School of Graduate Studies ;

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