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The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ACAI) has issued a superbly reasoned analysis of about 30 allergy-related tests and treatments that “have been promoted in the absence of any scientific rationale.” [Mullins RJ. Unorthodox techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of allergy, asthma and immune disorders.

ASCIA Position Statement, Oct 2004

Among the many things they find to be useless of dangerous are


Cytotoxic testing (Bryans’ test),
Oral provocation and neutralisation,
Vega testing (electrodermal testing),
Radionics (psionic medicine, dowsing)
Tests for “dysbiosis”,

Reflexology (zone therapy),
Autogenous urine therapy,
Physical Therapies: Chiropractic therapy, Osteopathy, Cranial therapy
Allergy elimination techniques (also known as “Advanced Allergy Elimination”, “Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination”),
Vega MRT (Matrix Regeneration Therapy),
Clinical Ecology/ Environmental Illness

Among the many scams that are discussed is the infamous Vega test (as used in George Lewith’s private clinic).  The conclude “Results are not reproducible in blinded studies, and do not correlate with results from conventional testing.”  And " substitution of homeopathic ‘vaccines’ for those with proven effectiveness has both individual and public health implications. "

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