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This is an archive of the front page pictures, photograph albums and other links to photographs, most of which are nothing whatsoever to do with the topics of this blog.

More photos on my UCL site.

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Some photo albums

Some pictures of grebes’ nest  |
DC’s sports. Things I’ve done when not working’   |
Walking across the Alps, on E5, 2001  |
Pictures of a trip to West country, 2012  |
A meeting in Finland, 2012  |
By train to Lincoln Weihnachtsmarkt. 2011  |
Steam train to Weymouth 2010  | Switzerland 2009  |
Boston 2009  |  Amsterdam 2008  |  Andrew’s birth  |  Balloon trip  |  Yorkshire 2008  |  Shetlands 2008  |  USA trip 2008  !  Montreal and Yale 2008  |  Andrew’s start at Aberdeen, 2007

Grebes As a result of a tweet about grebes. I made a small album of some pictures that I took in 2006. Click for album.


DC’s sports

I collected pictures of various energetic things that I used to do, especially boxing, flying, sailing, long-distance running and mountain walking.

Click for album.


Walk across the Alps, 2001

For my 65th birthday, I fulfilled a long ambition to walk across the Alps. Followed the Europäische Fernwanderweg E5 from Oberstdorf (Germany), across Austria, to Merano (Italy) with heavy rucksack (possibly unwise, 4 years after spinal fusion and 5 years after prosthetic hip). Here are some pictures from the walk. Click picture for album.


Holiday in the West country 10 – 17 September, 2012. . Some highlights were a visit to Andy Lewis of Quackometer fame. Then to Melanie Byng (@thetismurcurio), co-author of three brilliant posts on the mystic barmpot, Rudolf Steiner. A talk at Dartington Skeptics in the Pub, at Dartington Hall, near Totnes. Devon, the very heart of woo-land. Actually it was Skeptics in the organic tea room. Then on to Plymouth for my usual two talks at the Marine Biological Association. From there, first visit to the Eden project, followed by night in Cornish village of Fowey. And back via Dunster (at north edge of Exmoor) and Avebury (Wiltshire), home of magnificent stone circles.

Here are some pictures (click picture for album)


Trip to Finland to give two talks to the Finnish Graduate School of Neuroscience (FGSN) and the Doctoral Program Brain & Mind. The meeting was held in Aulanko,  Hämeenlinna (100 km north of Helsinki, and the birthplace of Sibelius). On the way back, we spent a morning in Helsinki. Margaret is out of plaster cast, but has to wear the air boot for another three weeks. Here are some pictures (click for album).

Hotel terrace, overlooking Lake Vanajavesi, 

Trip to the Lincoln Weihnachtsmarkt, December 2011.

The Lindum market was started after seeing the Weihnachtsmarkt in its twin town, Neustadt an der WeinStrasse. Lindum was the Romans’ name for Lincoln. It is now the biggest in Europe and, as the pictures show, far too many people there. Lincoln is a beautiful city, which I have never visited before. Click picture for album. Lincoln Weihnachtsmarkt

Steam train trip to Dorset coast, August 2010

Took a steam train outing to the Dorset coast. This was my first experiment with geotagging (new Panasonic TZ10 camera has a GPS) so the pictures are in Picasa, not my usual web album.  The first few locations had to be set by hand because the GPS is slow to update position.
Weymouth train

Switzerland: Montreux and Lausanne 2009

Pictures of a trip to Switzerland in October 2009. I was invited to examine a PhD thesis, and give a talk about single channel results, at Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Polymers and Membranes, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in Lausanne.

We decided to turn it into a (rather expensive) holiday and went first to Mantreux where we visited Rochers de Naye (spectacular views), Gruyere (the best cheese ever) and Les Avants sur Montreux (where I proposed to Margaret) and where she had worked at Chatelard school before we met. Then to Lausanne, a boat trip to Yvoire (in France) and on the way home, lunch (at phenomenal expanse) in the spectacular Train Bleu restauarnt on Gare de Lyons.

Click picture for album.

Amsterdam 2008

Pictures of a trip to Amsterdam to speak at the oldest anti-quackery society, Vereniging tegen de Kwaksalverij. Highlight was the award of the Meester Kackadorisprijs, which is awarded to individuals or institutions who promote quackery and who should know better (the quacks themselves are never nominated). The short list for the 2008 prize included the vice chancellor of the Free University of Amsterdam.
Click picture for album.

McGill, Yale, Columbia and Stony Brook. May 2008

Diary of the trip is here. McGill Pharmacology research day, and the only time I’ve been invited to talk in a department of Religious Studies. Then on to Yale on small Beechcraft and Stony Brook. Click picture for the album. McGill Pharmacology Research day

USA 2008

Some pictures from a trip to America, 11th January to 6th February.  Gordon Conference in Ventura, CA, then Chicago and Buffalo. To Toronto for Center for Inquiry talk, and Oregon (OHSU) to give Riker lecture. Then to Long Beach CA for Biophysical Society Meeting. Click picture for album. Canadian National Post picture
Canadian National Post photo

Boston March 2009

Some pictures from the February 2009 Biophysical Society Meeting in Boston. Snow, and our symposium.

Click for album

The saga of Andrew’s birth, 1984 – 1985

Click picture for album. These pictures were assembled in connection with the post about UCLH.

Andrew's birth

Trip in a hot air ballone, July 2008.

Hot air balloon flight, July 2008

Trip ot the Yorkshire Dales, July 2008. Ingleton Falls, Goredale Scar and Sparrows at Malham. Click picture for album.

Ingleton Falls, Goredale Scar and Sparrows at Malham, July 2008

Trip to the Shetland Islands, June 2008

Puffins, Sumburgh Head, Shetland, 7 June 2008

. Puffins, Sumburgh Head, Shetland, 7 June 2008

Trip to Trinity College Dublin for Debate on creationism. at the TCD Philosophical Society, one of the oldest debating societies in the world.

James Joyce, TCD quadrangle and Molly Malone. Click to view

Pictures of Andrew’s start at Aberdeen University, September 2007.
Pictures of our son Andrew on his first day at Aberdeen University.


Poppy opening, 25 May 2009

click picture to enlarge

Bluebell wood, 4 May 2009

Margaret’s garden, 14 April 2009

Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian, 25 March 2009. I think it is one of his best.

It is based on a 1915 cartoon by Savile Lumley, which was a recruiting poster for the first world war.  But I suspect that Steve Bell was referring to the account by some IDF soldiers, or these T-shirts.

At last. Bush has gone, as well as Blair
A shameful era for the USA and the UK is at an end
Remember four years ago?

And here is the guess made by the London free newspaper, Metro, about the note left by Bush for Obama in the Oval office desk.


Goldfinches, Oxshott, 25 May 2008

. Goldfinches, Oxshott, 25 May 2008

Chestnut and Roman hypocaust, Verulamium, St Albans, 18 May 2008

. Chestnut and Roman hypocaust, Verulamium, St Albans, 18 May 2008

Japanese Dogwood tree, New Haven (CT) green, 11 May 2008

. Japanese Dogwood tree, New Haven (CT) green, 11 May 2008

Montreal, old town, 10 May 2008

. Montreal, old town, 10 May 2008

. Carpet of bluebells, and birch catkins, 4 May 2008

. Carpet of bluebells, and birch catkins, 4 May 2008

Rosemary blossom and pansy in garden 27 April 2008

. Rosemary blossom and pansy in garden 27 April 2008

Beech buds emerge 20 April 2008

Beech buds emerge 20 April 2008

Magnolia 5 April 2008

. Magnolia 5 April 2008

Magnolia and chestnut in snow 6 April 2008

. Magnolia and chestnut in snow 6 April 2008

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  • robbo says:


    A very nice set of crop circles in frame 07.26 of the Balloon Flight.
    Must be them aliens that come down and impart “yin” energy and such like to the practitioners of CAM.
    Or it’s the mark of a tractor spraying the field with nasty “inorganic” substances that ensures that the crop does not get infected with a “nice organic fungus” that is full of psychoactive compounds that cause delusions in humans.

  • RobertD says:

    May we know where the bluebell wood is? The Oxford University Harcourt Arboretum has similar areas.

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