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This morning I noticed a Daily Mail poll for the winner of last night’s leaders’ debate, so I cast my vote

The results looked like this

poll #1
Click to enlarge

(This picture was recorded after lunch at 14.29, so it says I’d already voted.) At the time of writing it is still there, at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/polls/poll.html?pollId=1017189, though not for much longer I suspect.

Then I saw on Twitter a link to the refpls web site. They had very smartly noticed that the URL for the poll, linked from the Mail’s front page, and from the article on the debate, had changed to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/polls/poll.html?pollId=1017190, So I voted again there and this time I wasn’t told I’d already voted. The result was utterly different. At about 14.30 it showed Cameron ahead (just).

poll 2
Click to enlarge

Admittedly the first poll shows a pretty exaggerated idea of Clegg’s lead. That’s why on-line polls like this are worth next-to-nothing,

It seems that the Daily Mail. not liking the result of their first poll, simply trashed it and began again.

Even by the standards of the Daily Mail, that is cynical dishonesty.

You can vote yourself in the second version at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/polls/poll.html?pollId=1017190

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6 Responses to Poll-rigging at the Daily Mail

  • jfs says:

    They haven’t actually trashed it – if you look at the list of ‘Top 20 Recent Polls’ underneath the poll results there are two listed:

    Who won the 2nd TV debate?
    Who do you think won the 2nd TV debate?


  • @jfs
    Thanks for spotting that. They still have two polls on the same question, and they are both still open (at 18.17 on same day). but the links lead only to the one favourable to Cameron (though I notice the Clegg crept ahead of Cameron since this afternoon, even on the second poll).

    I don’t care much about who does best on debates, but I will put up an election post next week sometime.

  • Julian Stirling says:

    “I don’t care much about who does best on debates, but I will put up an election post next week sometime.”

    Surely how well the leaders present themselves to the public is important to us all? As otherwise a large proportion only hear their politics screened by Murdoch.

  • Mojo says:

    The second one currently has Clegg at 90%. Has it been pharyngulated?

  • Julian Stirling says:

    It hasn’t been pharyngulated, PZ does not really deal with non-US politics, except when a specific issue bugs him. However I suspect it has been poll crashed, possibly by one of the very large pro Lib Dem facebook groups?

  • […] it is. It’s in his interest that they get in. This is apparent from all the ridiculous poll-fixing and censoring that’s gone on. Not to mention the fact that Ashcroft’s people have […]

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